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Children's Books
With Florence Slobodkin
Author & Illustrator

Items in This Collection
A Good Place to Hide
A Thousand for Sicily
The Adventures of Arab
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
The Alhambra
The Amiable Giant
The Beautiful Culpeppers
Bixxy and the Secret Message
Circus April 1st
Clean Clarence
Clear the Track for Michael's Magic Train
Colette and the Princess
The Cowboy Twins
Dinny and Danny
Evie and Cookie
Evie and the Wonderful Kangaroo
Excuse Me! Certainly
The First Book of Drawing
Fo'castle Waltz
The Friendly Animals
Gertie the Horse Who Thought and Thought
Gogo the French Sea Gull
The Horse with the High-Heeled Shoes
The Hundred Dresses
Hustle and Bustle
Io Sono (I Am)
Jonathan and the Rainbow
The King and the Noble Blacksmith
The Late Cuckoo
The Little Mermaid Who Could Not Sing
The Magic Fishbone
Magic Michael
Little O
Love and Knishes
Luigi and the Long-Nosed Soldier
Many Moons
Mazel Tov Y'All: A Bake Book for Happy Occasions
The Marshmallow Ghosts
Martin's Dinosaur
Melvin the Moose Child
The Middle Moffat
Millions and Millions and Millions!
The Moffats
Moon Blossom & the Golden Penny
Mr. Mushroom
Mr. Papadilly and Willy
Mr. Petersand's Cats (and Kittens)
Mr. Spindles and the Spiders
Nomi and the Lovely Animals
One is Good but Two Are Better
Our Friendly Friends
Peter the Great
Picco the Sad Italian Pony
The Polka-Dot Goat
Read about the Busman
Read about the Fireman
Read about the Policeman
Read about the Postman
Red Head
Robin Hood
Rufus M.
Russia & America: Old Friends—New Neighbors
Sarah Somebody
The Saucepan Journey
Sculpture: Principles & Practice
The Seaweed Hat
The Shoes Fit for a King
Small but Wiry
The Space Ship under the Apple Tree
The Space Ship Returns to the Apple Tree
The Three-Seated Space Ship
Round Trip Space Ship
The Space Ship in the Park
The Sun and the Wind and Mr. Todd
Thank You You're Welcome
They're Your Teeth!
Too Many Mittens
Trick or Treat
Up High and Down Low
Upside-Down Town
The Warmhearted Polar Bear
The Wide-Awake Owl
Wilbur the Warrior
Yasu and the Strangers
Young Man of the House