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About Io Sono
This site is dedicated to honoring the person and work of Louis Slobodkin (1903-1975), artist, sculptor and author, whose deep and subtle skill draws us in as his wit and charm captivates.

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Grateful acknowledgment is made to Dr. Lawrence and Mrs. Tamara Slobodkin, Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Slowe, Tammis Groft and colleagues at the the Albany Institute of History and Art , the curators of the de Grummond Children's Literature Collection at the University of Southern Mississippi, Elaine Luizzi at the Albany High School Library, John Lutschak Books , Suzanne Mantell of Warwick Books, and the many friends who have written to share their thoughts.

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Carol Reid  Executive Producer  

Carol is a cataloger at the New York State Library in Albany, New York, and operates a part-time editorial services business, ProofReid Company. She also loves children’s books. She is a frequent contributor to Typo of the Day for Librarians . Two of her essays appear in the new anthology, Radical Cataloging: Essays from the Front (edited by K. R. Roberto). She is former editor of the New York Library Assn.’s Intellectual Freedom Roundtable newsletter, Pressure Point in addition to other library publications where she has written extensively on the subject of censorship. She wrote about Slobodkin’s Lincoln statue controversy in the September / October 2004 issue of The Horn Book Magazine, and her library limericks appear in the 2006 book, Library Juice Concentrate.

Dan Lardner  Web Guy

Dan toiled as a bit-shoveler in the data mines of various Silicon Valley software companies before resurfacing in New York. He’s currently working to finish Nothing, Intricately Drawn Nowhere, a cycle of anagrammatic verse, and assembling a photography monograph, Leica Complete Unknown. After school, he likes to fish and look under the rocks along the creek.