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Round Trip Space Ship

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Author:  Louis Slobodkin
Copyright Date:  1962
Publisher:  Macmillan
Pagination:  116 p.
T H E   L E T T E R   F R O M   H . . .   O . . .

     “Eddie,” said Eddie Blow’s grandmother as she came out of her house, “why are you moping around the porch on such a nice day?”
     “I’m not moping, Grandma,” said Eddie. “I’ve just been thinking.”
     “Thinking? ... Well, thinking never hurt anybody,” said his grandmother. “I’m going down to pick up the mail at the mailbox.”
     “I’ll go, Grandma,” said Eddie, as he started to stand up.
     “No, I’ll go, Eddie. The walk will do me good,” said his Grandmother.
     And Eddie settled back and went on thinking. He was a little sad as he sat thinking on the porch steps of his grandmother’s house. For Eddie, the most interesting, the most exciting part of his vacation was over, just as the summer began.
     All he could look forward to for the rest of the summer was some fishing and swimming in the creek that ran through his grandmother’s apple orchard and perhaps a few hikes with the village Boy Scout troop ... and that’s all.
     Of course he would do his chores and run errands and he’d go on adding to his collection of rocks, arrowheads and other things he kept in the barn.
     Eddie decided this summer he’d settle down and read every scientific book in the village library ... especially books about outer space ... space ships and things like that.
     Eddie, who lived and went to school in New York City, always spent his summer vacations with his grandmother on her farm up above Albany.
     Now one of the reasons Eddie was so concerned with space ships was because Eddie’s best friend was a boy from outer space named Marty. During the past two summers Marty, who had a space ship and who lived on the planet Martinea, had visited Eddie as he spent his vacation on his grandmother’s farm. But this summer Marty made a quick visit to Earth the very day Eddie’s vacation began. Nothing that could happen during the rest of the summer could be more exciting than Marty’s short visit.
     Eddie and his grandmother met Marty and his space ship at the airport in New York just before they boarded the plane for Albany. It was during Marty’s short visit there that he, Eddie and Eddie’s grandmother had the most amazing adventures.
     Eddie’s grandmother did not know at the time that she was having an amazing adventure. She thought she had fallen asleep in Marty’s space ship, which was disguised as a little automobile. And she believed she had been dreaming.
     Eddie’s grandmother did not know that Marty was really a boy from outer space. And she did not know that the little automobile was really a disguised space ship. She thought Marty was just one of Eddie’s friends ... a nice boy who came visiting now and then. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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