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Mr. Mushroom

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Mr. Mushroom lived under
 a . . .   (Where do you think?)

   Author:  Louis Slobodkin
Copyright Date:  1950
Publisher:  Macmillan

Under a MUSHROOM, of course!

He was a little man

Who wore green things

And he ate

(What do you think?)

Why, MUSH, of course!

And he had a little hat

Like a little maple leaf

And shoes like mint leaves

And he drank . . .

(What do you think?)

MILK! Of course!

He had a lot of friends

Who lived nearby

And their names were . . .

(What do you think?)

Mr. Mole, Mr. Mouse, Mr. Moth

And Miss Mite.

And of all his friends

Mr. Mushroom loved one best.

(Which one do you think?)

Why, MISS MITE, of course!

Because she was pretty.

So one fine May day

Mr. Mushroom asked Miss Mite

An important question.

(What do you think?)

Why, he asked her

To MARRY him and come and live

Under his mushroom.

And at first she said . . .

(What do you think?)

MAYBE! Then she said

PERHAPS. And at last she said


So they were married.

And to the wedding party

They invited their friends.

(Who were they?)

Why, MR. MOLE,


And MR. MOTH, of course.

And they ate big bowls of . . .

(What do you think?)


And cake, of course.

And they drank . . .

(What do you think?)

MILK! Of course.

And they danced

And danced . . .

(What do you think?)

The MINUET, of course!

And they danced

Out on the lawn

Under the light of . . .

(What do you think?)

The MOON, . . .

All through the night until . . .

(When do you think?)


Then Mr. Mushroom

And the new Mrs. Mushroom

And all their friends

Had some breakfast and they ate . . .

(What do you think?)


And they drank . . .

(I'm sure you know)

MILK! Of course.

Then Mr. Mole, Mr. Mouse

And Mr. Moth went home.

And Mr. and Mrs. Mushroom

Stayed happily under their mushroom

(How long do you think?)

FOREVER AND EVER! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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