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AIHA Exhibit
Carol Reid's talk on Louis

Louis' Biography
World's Fair Controversy
Caldecott Medal Speech
Eleanor Estes' Tribute
Autobiography in Child Life
New York Times Obituary

Family Photos

Bookseller's Display

 2006 Exhibit at the Albany Institute of History and Art
Louis Slobodkin: Albany Artist Rediscovered Carol's AIHA talk: Louis Slobodkin: Albany Artist Rediscovered
 "Louis Slobodkin: Albany
 Artist Rediscovered"
 Carol Reid's talk on Louis
 as part of AIHA exhibit
 Magazine & Newspaper Pieces
Louis' Biography
Abe Lincoln, Rail Joiner
 '39 World's Fair
Caldecott Medal Acceptance Speech
 Medal Speech
A Sculptor Enters the Book World
 Tribute to L.S.
Child Life, May 1947, p.20
Louis' Obituary
 Family Photos
Florence, Lawrence, Louis, and Michael
Florence, Lawrence, Michael and Louis
Lawrence & Louis
Louis with Twin Grandsons Nathan & David
Louis, Nathan & David
 F, M, L, and L  F, M, L, and L  Louis  Michael & Louis  Grandsons Nathan & David
Louis & Granddaughter Naomi
Florence & Louis
 Louis & Naomi  Florence & Louis
 Miscellaneous Photos
Bookseller's Display
 Bookseller's Display