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The Cowboy Twins

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           Author:  Florence Slobodkin
           Copyright Date:  1960
           Publisher:  Vanguard
           Pagination:  28 p.
     Ned and Donny Grey are
They like to play Cowboys in
     One day Donny said, “I am
     “Cowboy Jim,” said Ned.
twins who live in Michigan.
their big back yard.
Cowboy Steve. Who are you?”

     “Come on, Jim. Let’s look for Outlaws or Wild Animals or something,” said Donny.
     They climbed up on the high rock in one corner of their yard and looked for Wild Animals and Outlaws or something.
     After a good long look Donny said, “Jim, let’s leave this Oklahoma ranch and go on a Cowboy Adventure.”
     So they left their back yard and ran down the street looking for Adventure. When they came to the corner, they stopped.
     They waited until the traffic light told them it was safe to cross. Since their last birthday Ned and Donny had been allowed to cross the street alone. Of course, they always crossed the right way. They crossed only at the crossing. They waited until the traffic light was right. And they always looked both ways before they stepped off the curb.
     But every time they crossed the road
it was a new Adventure. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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